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Car Carrier and Transportation Services

Car Carrier and Transportation Services
At Super Golden Cargo packers and Movers, we not only offers relocation services for home and office, but also offer car carrier services. We use special truck designed for car and vehicle transportation from one city to other. We have got our own car carrier truck that has a length of 72 feet, width 8.5 feet and height 12 feet, which has been specially, built for car transportation. In comparison to the small trucks, our special car carrier truck travels approx 300 KM per day and we appoint two drivers on a single car carrier truck.

Car transportation using a normal goods truck is risky and chances of damage are high, because in a normal truck car hardly stays at a fixed position and it may get scratched or damaged due to the jerking on Indian road. That’s the reason we use specially build car carrier trucks for car transportation.

Another disadvantage of using normal good carrier truck for transporting cars is that in case of any accident, you won’t get any claim for the damages caused to your car. Because you are not supposed to transport your car using the good carrier truck, rather you should use a specially built car carrier truck for that. So you may not get the claim from the insurance. Car carriers of Super Golden Cargo Group have direct tie-ups with the owners. The car carriers that return from Gurgaon, or Maruti Udyog Pune, Tata Motors Chennai, Hyundai Mumbai, Tata Mtors Gujrat etc have a monthly contract of 25 trailors with A B Home group. When they return from Kolkata to their respective cities, they load vehicles at our place and transport to the destination. These car carriers are fully equipped with modern tools and instruments like hydraulic machines, belts, Fix column for car tires, ramp etc. Transportation using these car carriers (trailors) is safe and highly recommended than the normal good carrier trucks.

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